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LU Hongwei

Professor and Associate Director,

Key Lab of Water Cycle and Related Land Surface Processes,

Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS 



B.E., Environmental Engineering, Hunan University, P.R. China, 2001

M.E., Environmental Engineering, Hunan University, P.R. China, 2004

Ph.D., Environmental Systems Engineering, University of Regina, Canada, 2009


Research Interest: Hydrology/Water Resources, Water Quality/Water Pollution, Groundwater Remediation, and Water Management 


Main Publications:

1.      H.W. Lu, J. Li, et al. Optimal groundwater remediation policies for control of inexact health risks under dual uncertainty in slope factors. Chemosphere, DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2018.01.121.

2.      H.W. Lu, S. Yu. An integrated model of water resources optimization allocation based on projection pursuit model - Grey Wolf optimization method in a transboundary river basin. Journal of Hydrology, 2018, 559: 156–165.

3.      Wang LF, Xia J, Yu JJ, Yang LY, Zhan CS, Qiao YF, Lu HW. Spatial Variation, Pollution Assessment and Source Identification of Major Nutrients in Surface Sediments of Nansi Lake, China. Water, 2017, 9: 444.

4.      Qi Yang, H.W. Lu, et al. Development of a decision support system based on stochastic nonlinear optimization for petroleum-contaminated site management. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 2017, 16(7): 1423-1434.

5.      H.W. Lu, L. X. Ren, Y. Z. Chen, et al. A cloud model based multi-attribute decision making approach for selection and evaluation of groundwater management schemes. Journal of Hydrology, 2017, 555: 881-893.

6.      J. Li, H.W. Lu*, X. Fan, et al. Human health risk constrained naphthalene contaminated groundwater remediation management through an improved credibility method. Environmental Science and Pollution Research International, 2017, 24(19): 16120-16136.

7.      Y.Z. Chen, H.W. Lu*, J. Li, et al. A leader-follower-interactive method for regional water resources management with considering multiple water demands and eco-environmental constraints. Journal of Hydrology, 2017, 548: 121–134.

8.      P.Z. Tang, J.Z. Liu, H.W. Lu, et al. Information-Based Network Environ Analysis for Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Soils. Ecological Modelling, 2017, 344: 17–28.

9.      L. X. Ren, L. He, H.W. Lu, et al. Rough-interval-based multicriteria decision analysis for remediation of 1,1-dichloroethane contaminated groundwater. Chemosphere, 2017, 168: 244–253.

10.     H.W. Lu, Z.D. Xu. X. Fan, et al. Meta-Modeling based Health Risk Assessment of Naphthalene Contamination in Coal-Contaminated Groundwater. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 2017, 22(8): 1602-1619.

11.     Y.Z. Chen, H.W. Lu, J. Li, et al. Regional planning of new-energy systems within multi-period and multi-option contexts - A case study of Fengtai, Beijing, China. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2016, 65: 356-372.

12.     L.X. Ren, H.W. Lu, et al. Characterization of monochlorobenzene contamination in soils using geostatistical interpolation and 3D visualization for agrochemical industrial sites in southeast China. Archives of Environmental Protection, 2016, 42(3): 17–24.

13.     J. Shen. H.W. Lu, Y. Zhang, et al. Vulnerability assessment of urban ecosystems driven by water resources, human health and atmospheric environment. Journal of Hydrology, 2016, 536: 457-470.

14.     H.W. Lu, P. Du, Y. Z. Chen, et al. A credibility-based chance-constrained optimization model for integrated agricultural and water systems management: a case study in South Central China. Journal of Hydrology, 2016, 537: 406-418.

15.     H.W. Lu, H.Y. Pan, et al. Importance analysis of off-grid wind power generation systems, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2016, 60:999-1007.

16.     X.M. Li, H.W. Lu, J. Li, et al. A modified fuzzy credibility constrained programming approach for agricultural water resources management- a case study in Urumqi, China. Agricultural Water Management, 2015, 156, 79-89.

17.     H.W. Lu, M. Feng, et al. Optimization-based multicriteria decision analysis for identification of desired petroleum-contaminated groundwater remediation strategies. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2015, 22(12): 9505-9514.

18.     H.W. Lu, M. Cao, J. Li, et al. An inexact programming approach for urban electric power systems management under random-interval-parameter uncertainty. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2015, 39(7): 1757-1768.

19.     Hou, WJ, Zhang, YM, Liu, T, H.W. Lu. Graphene oxide coated quartz sand as a high performance adsorption material in the application of water treatment. RSC ADVANCES, 2015, 5(11): 8037-8043.

20.     H.W. Lu, S. C. Sun, et al. GHG emission control and solid waste management for megacities with inexact inputs: A case study in Beijing, China. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2015, 284: 92-102.

21.     B. Shi, H.W. Lu*, et al. A Fuzzy Inexact Two-Phase Programming Approach to Solving Optimal Allocation Problems in Water Resources Management. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2014, 38(23): 5502-5514.

22.     H.W. Lu, L. He, Y. M. Zhang. A semiparametric statistical approach for forecasting SO2 and NOx concentrations. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2014, 21(13): 7985-7995.

23.     L. X. Ren, H.W. Lu* et al. Enhanced electrokinetic technologies with oxidization-reduction for organically-contaminated soil remediation. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2014, 247: 111–124.

24.     H.W. Lu, L. He, Y. M. Zhang, et al. An Inexact Sequential Response Planning Approach for Optimizing Combination of Multiple Floodplain Management Policies. Polish Environmental Studies Journal, 2014, 23(4): 1245-1253.

25.     Y. M. Zhang, H. W. Lu, X.H. Nie, et al. An interactive inexact fuzzy bounded programming approach for agricultural water quality management. Agricultural Water Management, 2014, 133: 104-111.

26.     H.W. Lu, M. Cao, Y. Wang, et al. Numerical solutions comparison for interval linear programming problems based on coverage and validity rates. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2014, 38: 1092-1100.

27.     X.Y. Li, H.W. Lu*, et al. An inexact stochastic optimization model for agricultural irrigation management with a case study in China. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 2014, 28(2): 281-295.

28.     Z. T. Li, H.W. Lu*, et al. Experimental and modeling approaches for food waste composting: A review. Chemosphere, 2013, 93(7): 1247-1257.

29.     H.W. Lu, G.H. Huang, Y. Xu, et al. Inexact two-phase fuzzy programming and its application to municipal solid waste management, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 2012, 25: 1529–1536.

30.     H.W. Lu, G.H. Huang, et al. Simulation-based inexact rough-interval programming for agricultural irrigation management: a case study in the Yongxin County, China. Water Resources Management, 2012, 26(14): 4163-4182.

31.     H.W. Lu, G.H. Huang, et al. Strategic agricultural land-use planning in response to water-supplier variation in a China’s rural region. Agricultural Systems, 2012, 108: 19-28.

32.     Y. M. Zhang, G. H. Huang, Q. G. Lin, and H. W. Lu. Integer fuzzy credibility constrained programming for power system management, Energy, 2011, 38(1): 398-405.

33.     H.W. Lu, G.H. Huang, et al. An inexact rough-interval fuzzy linear programming method for generating conjunctive water-allocation strategies to agricultural irrigation systems. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2011, 35: 4330–4340.

34.     S. Wang, G.H. Huang, H.W. Lu, et al. An interval-valued fuzzy linear programming with infinite alpha-cuts method for environmental management under uncertainty. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 2011, 25(2): 211-222.

35.     J. Su, B.D. Xi, B. Yao, G.H. Huang, H.W. Lu, et al. An inexact fuzzy full-infinite mixed-integer programming method for an integrated air and waste management system, Journal of Urban Planning & Development-ASCE, 2011, 137(4): 370-380.

36.     H.W. Lu, G.H. Huang, et al. A two-phase optimization model based on inexact air dispersion simulation for regional air quality control. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 2010, 211(1-4): 121-134.

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44.     H.W. Lu, G.H. Huang, G.M. Zeng, et al. An inexact dynamic optimization model for municipal solid waste management in association with greenhouse gas emission control. Journal of Environmental Management, 2009, 90(1): 396-409.

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48.     H.W. Lu, G.H. Huang, G.M. Zeng, et al. An interval-parameter fuzzy-stochastic programming approach for air quality management under uncertainty. Environmental Engineering Science, 2008, 25(6): 895-909.

49.     Y. P. Lin, G.H. Huang, H.W. Lu, et al. Modeling of substrate degradation and oxygen consumption in waste composting processes. Waste Management, 2008, 28(8): 1375-1385.

50.     Y.P. Lin, G.H. Huang, H.W. Lu, et al. A simulation-aided factorial analysis approach for characterizing interactive effects of system factors on composting processes. Science of the Total Environment, 2008, 402(2-3): 268-277.


Office Address:

Room 426, Geographical Science Museum, IGSNRR

11A Datun Road, Chaoyang District

Beijing 100101, China

Telephone: 86-10-6484-9311

Email: luhw@igsnrr.ac.cn

Updated on Mar.1, 2018

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