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Contrasting responses of autumn-leaf senescence to daytime and night-time warming Wu C., Wang X., Wang H. etc. Nature Climate Change 2018 SCI
Changes in the ecological footprint of rural populations in the Taihang Mountains, China Xingyuan Xiao, Minyue Hu, Minghong Tan etc. Sustainability 2018 SCI
The impact of cultivated land spatial shift on food crop production in China, 1990–2010 Yuanyuan Li, Xiubin Li, Minghong Tan etc. Land Degradation Development 2018 SCI
Modeling population density based on nighttime light images and land use data in China Minghong Tan, Xiubin Li, Shiji Li etc. Applied Geography 2018 SCI
Tracking job and housing dynamics with smartcard data Jie Huang, David Levinson, Jiaoe Wang etc. PNAS 2018 SCI
The implications of high-speed railways on air passenger flows in China Yang H., Burghouwt G., Wang J.etc. Applied Geography 2018 SSCI
Comparing passenger flow and time schedule data to analyse High-Speed Railways and urban networks in China Yang H., Dijst M., Witte P., Ginkel H., Wang J Urban Studies 2018 SSCI
Comparing China's urban systems in high-speed railway and airline networks Yang H., Dobruszkes F., Wang J.* etc. Journal of Transport Geography 2018 SSCI
Positive impact of biochar amendment on thermal balance during swine manure composting at relatively low ambient temperature Liu H-T, Wang L-X etc. Bioresource Technology 2018 SCI
Examining the impacts of urbanization on surface radiation using Landsat imagery Wenhui Kuang, Ailin Liu, Yinyin Dou etc. GIScience & Remote Sensing 2018 SCI
The combined effects of surfactant solubilization and chemical oxidation on the removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon from soil Li Y,Liao X, Huling S etc. Science of the Total Environment 2018 SCI
Enhanced arsenic uptake and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-dissipation using Pteris vittata, L. and a PAH-degrading bacterium Sun L, Zhu G, Liao X. Science of the Total Environment 2018 SCI
Mass transfer model of soil vapor extraction under thermal treatment for removing a volatile contaminant Li P, Liao X, Yan X, etc. Environmental Engineering & Management Journal 2018 SCI
Spatial optimization of watershed best management practices based on slope position units Qin C-Z, Gao H-R, Zhu L-J etc. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 2018 SCI
Automatic approach to deriving fuzzy slope positions Zhu L-J, Zhu A-X, Qin C-Z etc. Geomorphology 2018 SCI
Cropland abandonment enhances soil inorganic nitrogen retention and carbon stock in China: a meta-analysis Tian D*, Xiang Y, Wang B, Li M etc. Land Degradation & Development 2018 SCI
Size-dependent nutrient limitation of tree growth from subtropical to cold temperate forests Li Y, Tian D, Yang H, Niu S Functional Ecology 2018 SCI
Soil acid cations induced reduction in soil respiration under nitrogen enrichment and soil acidification Li Y, Sun J, Tian D, Wang J etc. Science of the Total Environment 2018 SCI
Ecosystem carbon use efficiency is insensitive to nitrogen addition gradient in an alpine meadow Ma F, Song B, Zhang F, Quan Q, Zhou Q etc. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 2018 SCI
Grassland ecosystem responses to climate change and human activities within the Three-River Headwaters region of China Han Ze, Song Wei, Deng Xiangzheng etc. Scientific Reports 2018 SCI
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