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An overview of global leaf area index (LAI): Methods, products, validation, and applications Fang, H., Baret, F., Plummer, S., and Schaepman-Strub Reviews of Geophysics 2019 SCI
Validation of global moderate resolution leaf area index (LAI) products over croplands in northeastern China Fang, H., Zhang Y., Wei S.etc. Remote Sensing of Environment 2019 SCI
Mapping the increased minimum mortality temperatures in the context of global climate change Yin Q., Wang JF., Ren ZP. Nature Communications 2019 SCI
A new incubation and measurement approach to estimate the temperature response of soil organic matter decomposition Liu Y, He NP, Xu L etc. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 2019 SCI
Delineation of soil contaminant plumes at a co-contaminated site using BP neural networks and Geostatistics[J] Tao Huan, Liao Xiaoyong, Zhao Dan etc. Geoderma 2019 SCI
GSV: a general model for hyperspectral soil reflectance simulation Jiang, C., and H. Fang International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 2019 SCI
Global 500 m clumping index product derived from MODIS BRDF data (2001?2017) Wei, S., Fang, H., Schaaf, C. B etc. Remote Sensing of Environment 2019 SCI
Water scaling of ecosystem carbon cycle feedback to climate warming Quan Q, Tian D, Luo Y etc. Science Advances 2019 SCI
Microbial properties regulate spatial variation in the differences in heterotrophic respiration and its temperature sensitivity between primary and secondary forests from tropical to cold-temperate zones Wang Qing, He Nianpeng, Xu Li, Zhou Xuhui AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY 2018 SCI
Response of crop yield and nitrogen use efficiency for wheat-maize cropping system to future climate change in northern China Liang Shuo, Li Yuefen, Zhang Xubo, Sun Zhigang etc. AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY 2018 SCI
The gold nanoparticle springs' spectrum modulation Wang Zhenyu, Ouyang Xinrong, Liu Jing, Xiong Bin etc. MATERIALS RESEARCH EXPRESS 2018 SCI
Temporal and Spatial Variations in the Climate Controls of Vegetation Dynamics on the Tibetan Plateau during 1982-2011 Hua Ting, Wang Xunming ADVANCES IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2018 SCI
Soil salinity, sodicity and cotton yield parameters under different drip irrigation regimes during saline wasteland reclamation Wang Ruoshui, Wan Shuqin, Sun Jiaxia, Xiao Huijie AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT 2018 SCI
Differences in ecosystem water-use efficiency among the typical croplands Wang Tongxin, Tang Xuguang, Zheng Chen, Gu Qing etc. AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT 2018 SCI
The moderating or amplifying biophysical effects of afforestation on CO2-induced cooling depend on the local background climate regimes in China Huang Lin, Zhai Jun, Liu Jiyuan, Sun Chaoyang AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY 2018 SCI
The effects of changes in water and nitrogen availability on alien plant invasion into a stand of a native grassland species Liu Yanjie, Liu Min, Xu Xingliang, Tian Yuqiang etc. OECOLOGIA 2018 SCI
Pollution and energy reduction strategy in soft drink industries Muhammad Nisar, Nafees Mohammad, Hussain Rahib, Khan Muhammad Haya etc. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH 2018 SCI
Water storage variations and their relation to climate factors over Central Asia and surrounding areas over 30 years Li Xinwu, Gao Xizhang, Chang Yuting, Mu Dapeng etc. WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-WATER SUPPLY 2018 SCI
Moderate grazing has little effect on global warming potential in the temperate steppes of northern China Hou Longyu, Li Yang, Shi Huiqiu, Tian Dashuan etc. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT 2018 SCI
Relationship between environmental factors and the spatial distribution of Spermophilus dauricus during 2000-2015 in China Tian Li INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOMETEOROLOGY 2018 SCI
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