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Evolution of vegetation and climate variability on the Tibetan Plateau over the past 1.74 million years Y. Zhao, P. C. Tzedakis, Q. Li etc. Science Advances SCI
Quantifying the influences of anthropogenic and natural factors on heavy metals accumulation and pollution risk in karst soil Tao Huan, Liao Xiaoyong, Li You, Xu Chengdong etc. Science of the Total Environment 2020 SCI
Nitrogen storage and allocation in China’s forest ecosystems Xu L, He NP Science in China (D) 2020 SCI
Nitrogen storage in China’s terrestrial ecosystems Xu L, He NP*, Yu GR Science the Total Environment 2020 SCI
Biomass energy in China’s terrestrial ecosystems: Insights into the nation’s sustainable energy supply Yan P, Xiao CW, Xu L, Yu GR etc. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2020 SCI
Large spatial variations in the distributions of and factors affecting forest water retention capacity in China Wu Xi, Shi Wenjiao, Guo Bin, Tao Fulu Ecological Indicators 2020 SCI
China’s improving inland surface water quality since 2003 Ting Ma, Na Zhao, Yong Ni etc. Science Advances 2020 SCI
Sensitive detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with gold colloid coupled chloride ion SERS sensor[J] Gong Xuegang, Liao Xiaoyong, Li You etc. Analyst 2019 SCI
Materials, energy, water, and emissions nexus impacts on the future contribution of PV solar technologies to global energy scenarios Ayman Elshkaki Scientific Reports 2019 SCI
Energy-material nexus: The impacts of national and international energy scenarios on critical metals use in China up to 2050 and their global implications Ayman Elshkaki, Lei Shen Energy 2019 SCI
Material-energy-water-carbon nexus in China’s electricity generation system up to 2050 Ayman Elshkaki Energy 2019 SCI
Material-energy-water nexus: Modelling the long term implications of aluminium demand and supply on global climate change up to 2050 Ayman Elshkaki, Shen Lei, Wei-Qiang Chen Environmental Research 2019 SCI
Evaluation of global historical land use scenarios based on regional datasets on the Qinghai-Tibet Area Li Shicheng, He Fanneng, Zhang Xuezhen, Zhou Tianyu SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2019 SCI
New insights into the formation and transformation of active species in nZVI/BC activated persulfate in alkaline solutions Luo Haoyu, Lin Qintie, Zhang Xiaofeng, Huang Zhuofan etc. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 2019 SCI
Insight into the mechanism of adsorption of phenol and resorcinol on activated carbons with different oxidation degrees Sun Ju, Liu Xia, Zhang Fengsong, Zhou Jian etc. COLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS 2019 SCI
Characteristics, sources, water quality and health risk assessment of trace elements in river water and well water in the Chinese Loess Plateau Xiao Jun, Wang Lingqing, Deng Li, Jin Zhangdong SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2019 SCI
Inter-provincial Differences in Rice Multi-cropping Changes in Main Double-cropping Rice Area in China: Evidence from Provinces and Households Wang Renjing, Li Xiubin, Tan Minghong, Xin Liangjie etc. CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 2019 SCI
Quantitative attribution analysis of soil erosion in different geomorphological types in karst areas: Based on the geodetector method Wang Huan, Gao Jiangbo, Hou Wenjuan JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 2019 SCI
The effect of terrain factors on rice production: A case study in Hunan Province Wang Chenzhi, Zhang Zhao, Zhang Jing, Tao Fulu etc. JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 2019 SCI
Evaluation of metal oxides and activated carbon for lead removal: Kinetics, isotherms, column tests, and the role of co-existing ions Shi Qiantao, Terracciano Amalia, Zhao Ying, Wei Chaoyang etc. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2019 SCI
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