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Name: WANG Juanle
Current Appointment: Professor
PhD (2002-2005), Cartography and geographic information system, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
MS (1999-2002), Surveying and Mapping Engineering, China University of Mining & Technology, China
Bachelor (1994-1998), Geodetic surveying and Mapping Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, China
Areas of Specialization:
Scientific data integration and sharing, Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing, Knowledge service of disaster risk reduction; Data driven model and big data mining in Geoscience
Academic Awards
Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award of China, 2014, National earth system science data sharing platform construction, key technology and services application
Outstanding instructor award, 2014, Data sharing Cup contest supported by National Science and Technology Infrastructure
First Prize of Henan Province Science and Technology Progress Award, 2013, Earth System Science Data Sharing key technology research and application
Society Appointments:
Director of World Data Center for Renewable Resource and Environment in ICSU-WDS
Deputy director of the Natural Resources Information System Professional Committee of China Natural Resources Society
Deputy Director of Information Science Branch of China Environmental Science Society
Board editorial member of "Data Science Journal"

Representative Publications
        Juanle Wang, Edit in Chief, Remote sensing images atlas of environmental change in China, Beijing: Science Press, 2017 
        Juanle Wang, 2015, Earth system science data integration and sharing: Standard Perspective, Beijing: China Meteorological Press (in Chinese) 
        Juanle Wang, 2015, Earth system science data integration and sharing: Standard Perspective, Beijing: China Meteorological Press (in Chinese) 
        Hong Jiang, Juanle Wang, Jiaxin Jin, Construction and gradient analysis of the north-south transect of northeast Asia, Beijing:Science Press,2016(in Chinese) 
        Yaping Yang, Juanle Wang, Data set of comprehensive scientific investigation in Northern China and Its Adjacent Areas, Beijing: Science Press,2016(in Chinese) 
        Pinde Fu, Jiulin Sun, Yaozhen Qin, Juanle Wang, ets translation. Web GIS——Principle and Application. Higher Education Press, 2012(in Chinese) 
        Zhongqiang Bai, Juanle Wang, Mingming Wang, Mengxu Gao, Jiulin Sun. Accuracy Assessment of Multi-Source Gridded Population Distribution Datasets in China, sustainability, 2018, 10, 1363; doi:10.3390/su10051363 
        Juanle Wang, Junxiang Zhu, Xuehua Han. Using Monte Carlo Simulation to Improve the Performance of Semivariograms for Choosing the Remote Sensing Imagery Resolution for Natural Resource Surveys: Case Study on Three Counties in East, Central, and West China. International Journal of Geo-Information, 2018, 7(13):1-20 
        WANG Juanle, GAO Mengxu, GUO Haihui, CHEN Eryang.Dongting Lake (China) Polder Dataset (1949-2013). Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository, 2017,1(1):93-99.(in Chinese and English) 
        WANG Juanle, ZHANG Yongjie, YANG Fei, CAO Xiaoming, BO Zhongqiang, ZHU Junxiang, CHEN Eryang, LI Yifan, RAN Yingying. The seasonal chlorophyll-a dataset of Poyang Lake, China (2009 - 2012) ( Chlorophyll-a Concen of Poyang Lake, China ) .Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository, 2017,1(2):208-215.(in Chinese and English) 
        Yifan Li, Juanle Wang*, Mengxu Gao, Liqun Fang, Changhua Liu, et al. Geographical Environment Factors and Risk Assessment of Tick-Borne Encephalitis in Hulunbuir, Northeastern China. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2017,14(6), 569 
        Cao, Xiaoming; Feng, Yiming; Wang, Juanle. Remote sensing monitoring the spatio-temporal changes of aridification in the Mongolian Plateau based on the general Ts-NDVI space, 1981-2012. JOURNAL OF EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE, 2017, 126(4) 
        Shengli Huang, Carlos Ramirez, Kama Kennedy, Jeffrey Mallory, Juanle Wang & Christine Chu, Updating land cover automatically based on change detection using satellite images: case study of national forests in Southern California, GIScience & Remote Sensing, 2017. 
        WANG Juanle, CHEN Mingqi, TIAN Fenmin, BAI Yongqing, CHU Dawei, LI Shuren, HU Lianglin.Study on Investigation of Discipline Informatization Fuse. China Science & Technology Resources Review, 2017, 49(2):44-52.(in Chinese) 
        WANG Juanle, SU Ping, Elena A. Grigorieva, Land Cover Change Characteristics of North-South Transect in Northeast Asia from 2001 to 2012, Journal of Resources and Ecology, 2016, 7(1):36-43. 
        Cao X, Feng Y, Wang J*. An improvement of the Ts-NDVI space drought monitoring method and its applications in the Mongolian plateau with MODIS, 2000–2012. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 2016, 9(6):1-14. 
        WANG Juanle, GAO Mengxu, GUO Haihui, CHEN Eryang. Spatiotemporal distribution and historical evolution of polders in the Dongting Lake area, China. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 2016,26(11):1561-1578. 
        Juanle Wang, Yongjie Zhang, Fei Yang, Xiaoming Cao, Zhongqiang Bai, Junxiang Zhu, Eryang Chen, Yifan Li, Yingying Ran. Spatial and temporal variations of chlorophyll-a concentration from 2009 to 2012 in Poyang Lake, China. Environmental Earth Sciences, 2015, 73:4063-4075. 
        Yan Bai, Min Feng, Hao Jiang, Juanle Wang and Yingzhen Liu. Validation of land cover maps in China using a sampling-based labeling approach, Remote Sensing, 2015. 
        Wang Juanle, Sun Jiulin, ZhuYunqiang, Dong Suocheng, Li Zehong, Shi Guangyi, LiYu. International Think-tank Network and Collaborative Innovation Platform for Silk Road Economic Belt [J]. Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2015,30(1):46-52.(in Chinese) 
        WANG Juanle, SUN Jiulin. Some In-depth Thoughts on Resources and Environmental Comprehensive Scientific Expedition Using GriddingApproach in China. Journal of Geo-Information Science, 2015, 17(7):758-764.(in Chinese) 
        BAI Zhongqiang, WANG Juanle*, YANG Yaping, et al. Characterizing spatial patterns of population distribution at township level across the 25 provinces in China[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 2015, 70 (8): 1229- 1242.(in Chinese) 
        Wang Juanle, Chen Eryang, Zhu Junxiang, Zhou Yujie, Zhao Qiang. A dataset of suspended solids concentration inversion for Poyang Lake, China 2000–2013[J/OL]. Chinese Science Data 2016. DOI: 10.11922/csdata.170.2015.0001.(in Chinese) 
        Juanle Wang, Yujie Zhou, Lijun Zhu, Mengxu Gao, and Yifan Li. Cultivated land information extraction and gradient analysis for a North-South Transect in Northeast Asia between 2000 and 2010. Remote Sensing. 2014, 6(12):11708-11730. 
        Fei Yang, Jie Yang, Juanle Wang* and Yunqiang Zhu. Assessment and validation of MODIS and GEOV1 LAI with ground-measured data and an analysis of the effect of residential area in mixed pixel. IEEE journal of selected topics in applied earth observations and remote sensing. 2014. 
        Yan Bai, Min Feng, Hao Jiang, Juanle Wang, Yunqiang Zhu and Yingzhen Liu. Assessing Consistency of Five Global Land Cover Data Sets in China. Remote Sensing. 2014. 
        Xiao-ming CAO, Juanle Wang* et al. Multiscale remote-sensing retrieval in the evapotranspiration of haloxylon ammodendron in the gurbantunggut desert, China. Environmental Earth Sciences, 2013. 
        Yuyue Xu, Juanle Wang, Jiulin Sun, Yong Xu, Harris Warwick. Spatial and temporal variations of lower tropospheric methane during 2010-2011 in China, Ieee Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing,2012,5(5): 1464-1473. 
        Yang F, Wang J L, Chen P F, Yao Z F, Zhu Y Q and Sun J L. 2012. Comparison of HJ-1A CCD and TM data and for estimating grass LAI and fresh biomass. Journal of Remote Sensing, 16(5): 1000–1023. (in Chinese)

Major Research Projects:
1. 2005-                  National Earth System Science Data Sharing and Service Platform
2. 2011-2016         Scientific investigation specifications on resources and environment field based on grid method
3. 2013-2018        Extraction and data compilation of environmental factor information in the source of Chinese natural foci
4. 2011-2013        Environmental change information integration and service system for environmental management in China
5. 2007-2012        Comprehensive scientific investigation of north China and its adjacent areas: the integration of transect investigation
6. 2012-2015        Integration and application of basic science data in resource discipline
7. 2012-2015        Key problems of resource environment and construction of scientific database in Mongolia
8. 2016-2018        The construction of High accuracy dynamic spatio-temporal database
9. 2016-2018        Knowledge service system for disaster risk reduction of International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology under the Auspice of UNESCO

Office Address:
Room 1427 , Building No. 1, IGSNRR
11A Da Tun Road
An Wai, Beijing 100101
People’s Republic of China
Telephone: 86-10-6488-8016
Fax: 86-10-6488-8016
Email: wangjl@igsnrr.ac.cn
Updated on May, 30, 2018

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