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ZHONG Linsheng, Phd, Professor in Human Geography, Tourism Geography, Ecotourism and Protected Area Management.   

Prof. Zhong joined the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of CAS in 2000 as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. He got doctoral degree in ecotourism at Institute of Applied Ecology, CAS. From 2006.01-2007.01, he was working in the International Ecotourism Research Centre of Griffith University in Australia as a visiting professor.  

He is also the professor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) since 2015. He is member of National Forest Park Standardization Technology Committee, council member of China Society for Futures Studies and secretary-general of the Tourism Ecology Committee of the Ecological Society of China.  

He has completed more than 50 research projects funded by a variety of agencies, including China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection, National Tourism Administration of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), EU-China, Global Environment Fund (GEF), among others.  He has published over 100 journal articles and co-edited 6 books. 

Selected Publications: 

1. ZHONG Linsheng, Ralf Buckley, Cassandra Wardle, Lingen Wang. Environmental and visitor management in a thousand protected areas in China. Biological Conservation, 2015, 181: 219-222. 

2. ZHONG Linsheng, Deng Jinyang, Song Zenwen, Ding Peiyi. 2011. Research on environmental impacts of tourism in China: Progress and prospect. Journal of Environmental Management, 92, 2972-2983 

3. ZHONG Linsheng, Buckley R., Xie Ting. 2007. Chinese perspectives on tourism eco-certification. Annals of Tourism Research, 34(3): 808-811 

4. ZHONG Linsheng, Deng Jinyang, Xiang Baohui. 2008. Tourism development and the tourism area life-cycle model: A case study of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China. Tourism Management, 29 (2008) 841-856 

5. TANG Chengcai, Zhong Linsheng, etc. 2015. Energy consumption and carbon emission for tourism transport in World Heritage Sites: a case of the Wulingyuan area in China. Natural Resources Forum,39 (2015) 134–150 

6. WANG Lingen, Cheng Shengkui, Zhong Linsheng, etc. 2013. Rural Tourism Development in China: Principles, Models and the Future. Journal of Mountain Science, 10: 116–129 

7. Ralf Buckley, Fernanda de Vasconcellos Pegas & Zhong Linsheng. Citations: Overcome the language barrier. Nature 501, 7468(2013). doi:10.1038/501492c  

8. ZHONG Linsheng, Xiao Lianlian. Chinese national park system pilot: establishing path and research issues. Resources Science2017391):1-10(In Chinese) 

9. ZHONG Linsheng, Ma Xiangyuan, Zeng Yuxi.2016. Progresses and prospects of ecotourism research in China. Progress in Geography, 35(6): 679- 690. (In Chinese) 

10. ZHONG LinshengWang JInvestigation and analysis on situation of ecotourism development in protected areas of ChinaActa Ecologica Sinica, 2011, 31( 24) :7450-7457(In Chinese) 

11. ZHONG Linsheng, Tang Chengcai, Cheng shengkui. The Impact of Global Climate Change on Tourism Industry in China and Adaptive Strategies. China soft science,(2):34-41. (In Chinese) 

12. ZHONG Linsheng, Tang Chengcai, Guo Hua. Tour ism function zoning of Jinyintan Grassland Scenic Area in Qinghai Province based on ecological sensitivity analysis. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, Jul 2010, 21(7): 1813-1819. (In Chinese) 

13. ZHONG Linsheng, Song Zengwen. Study on tourists' ecotourism perception and attitude towards environmental management: The case of Jinggangshan Scenic Area. Geographical Research, 28(10): 1814-1821 (In Chinese) 

14. ZHONG Linsheng etc. Identification of environmental impacts of tourism plans. Resources and Environment in the Yangtze Basin. 17(5):814-818 (In Chinese) 

15. Zhong Linsheng, Zhao Shidong, et al. Study on methods and theory of ecotourism planning. Beijing, Chemistry Industry Press. 2003   

16. Zhong Linsheng, Zheng Qunming, Liumin. World Ecotourism Geography. Beijing, Chinese Forestry Press. 2006 

Office Address:  

Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research 

Chinese Academy of Sciences 

11A, Datun Road Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100101 P.R. China 

Tel: 86-10-64889033(office) 

Email: zhongls@igsnrr.ac.cn 

Updated on Feb.9, 2017 

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