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Name:ZHANG Baiping 
Current Appointment: Professor
1979.9-1983.7: Lanzhou University, B. S. in physical geography
1983.8-1985.12: Peking University, M. S. in physical geography
1988.9-1992.10: Institute of Geography, Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences
1994.4.1995.4: University of Bonn, Germany. Visiting Scholar.
1999.2-1999.6: University of Marburg, Germany. Guest scientist of Max Planck Gesellschaft.
Academic Appointment
Associate Professor (1992): Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Professor (1999): Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Areas of Specialization
Physical Geography—mountain geography; Applied GIS
1.Zhang Baiping, Wu Hongzhi, et al. Integration of Data on Chinese Mountains into a Digital Altitudinal Belt System. Mountain Research and Development. 2006, 26(2): 163-171.(SCI)
2.Zhang Baiping, Xiao Fei, et al. Combating the fragile karst environment in Guizhou, China. AMBIO, 2006, 35(2):94-97. (SCI)
3.Zhang Baiping, Mo Shenguo, et al. Urbanization and De-urbanization in Mountain Regions of China. Mountain Research and Development, 2004, 24(3): 206-209. (SCI)
4.Zhang Baiping. Geoecology and sustainable development in the Kunlun Mountains, China. Mountain Research and Development, 1995, 15(3): 283-292. (SCI)
5.Zhang Baiping, et al. Sustainably managing montane forests in arid land regions: the Oytag valley of West Kunlun. AMBIO, 2002, 31(6): 493-495. (SCI)
6.Zhang Baiping, et al. Human-induced changes to biodiversity and alpine pastureland in the Bayanbulak region of the East Tianshan mountains. Mountain Research and Development, 2002, 22(4): 383-389. (SCI)
7.Yao Yonghui, Zhang Baiping, et al. Large-scale hydropower projects and mountain development on Upper Yangtze River. Mountain Research and Development, 2006, 26(2): 109-114. (SCI)
8.Zhang Baiping, et al. Biodiversity and conservation in the Tibetan Plateau. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 2002, 12(2):135-143.
9.Zhang Baiping, Wu Hongzhi, et al. Protecting the national parks and the world heritage sites in China: challenge and strategy. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 14, supplement (2004):87-90.
Office Address
State Key Lab of Resources and Environmental Information System,
Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research
Chinese Academy of Sciences
No. A-11, Datun Road Chaoyang District
Beijing 100101  China
Tel: 86-10-
Fax: 86-10-64889630
E-mail: zhangbp@lreis.ac.cn

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