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Name: Qiang Yu

Current Appointment: Professor, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences


1991-1994: PhD in Climatology, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.

1984-1987: MSc in Agro-meteorology, Department of Agricultural Meteorology, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China.

1980-1984: BSc in Agro-meteorology, Department of Agricultural Meteorology, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, Nanjing, China.

Areas of Specialization:

Physiological Ecology, Terrestrial Ecosystem Modelling, Plant Production, Land Surface Processes, Ecohydrology, Food Safety etc.

Academic Awards:

2015: Second-rank recipient of the award of “Natural Science from Jiangxi Province” (Z-14-2-03-R02)

Society Appointments:

Vice-President of Sub-Committee of China Agricultural Meteorology Society, Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies (2004-current)

Vice Director of Ecological and Agricultural Meteorology Committee, Chinese Meteorological Society (2003-2008)

Editorial Committee Member of International Journal of Plant Production, Chines Journal of Agro-meteorology, Chinese Journal of Ecology, Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture, Progress in Geography

Guest editor for special issue in Agricultural Water Management (2011).

Secretary General of Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Water Resources (launched at Melbourne University in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2006).

Representative Publications:

1) Yu, Q., Farmland Ecological Processes and Model, Science Press, China, 2007 (Chinese)

2) Ahuja, L.R., Reddy, V.R., Saseendran, S.A., and Yu, Q.,Response of Crops to Limited Water: Understanding and Modeling Water Stress Effects on Plant Growth Processes. Advances in Agricultural Systems Modeling Series 1. sssa-asa-cssa Publication,2008

3) Eamus, D., Huete, A., and Yu, Q., Vegetation Dynamics: A Synthesis of Plant Ecophysiology, Remote Sensing and Modelling. Cambridge University Press. 2015.

4) Dong, J.Q., Li, L.H.*, Shi, H., Chen, X., Luo, G.P., and Yu, Q., 2017. Robustness and Uncertainties of the “Temperature and Greenness” Model for Estimating Terrestrial Gross Primary Production. Scientific Report, 7: 44046.

5) Liu, J.D., Pan, T.*, Chen, D.L., Zhou, X.J., Yu, Q., Flerchinger, G.N., Liu, D.L., Zou, X.T., Linderholm, H.W., Du, J., Wu, D.R., and Shen, Y.B., 2017. An Improved Angstrom-Type Model for Estimating Solar Radiation over the Tibetan Plateau. Energies. 10(7): 892.

6) Shi, H., Li, L.H.*, Eamus, D., Huete, A., Cleverly, J., Tian, X., Yu, Q., Wang, S.Q., Montagnani, L., Magliulo, V., Rotenberg, E., Pavelka, M., and Carrara, A., 2017. Assessing the ability of MODIS EVI to estimate terrestrial ecosystem gross primary production of multiple land cover types. Ecological Indicator. 72: 153-164.

7) Wang, B.*, Liu, D.L., Asseng, S., Macadam, I., Yang, X.H., and Yu, Q., 2017. Spatiotemporal Changes in Wheat Phenology, Yield and Water Use Efficiency under the CMIP5 Multimodel Ensemble Projections in Eastern Australia. Climate Research. 72(2): 83-99.

8) Xing, H.T.*, Liu, D.L., Li, G.D., Wang, B., Anwar, M.R., Crean, J., Lines-Kelly, R., and Yu, Q., 2017. Incorporating Grain Legumes in Cereal-based Cropping Systems to Improve Profitability in Southern New South Wales, Australia. Agricultural Systems. 154: 112-123.

9) Chen, C.*, Cleverly, J., Zhang, L., Yu, Q., and Eamus, D., 2016. Modelling seasonal and inter-annual variations in carbon and water fluxes in an arid-zone Acacia savanna woodland, 1981-2012. Ecosystems. 19(4): 625-644.

10) Cleverly, J.*, Eamus, D., Luo, Q.Y., Coupe, N.R., Kljun, N., Ma, X.L., Ewenz, C., Li, L.H., Yu, Q., and Huete, A., 2016. The importance of interacting climate modes on Australia’s contribution to global carbon cycle extremes. Scientific Reports. 6: 23113.

11) Cleverly, J.*, Eamus, D., Van Gorsel, E., Chen, C., Rumman, R., Luo, Q.Y., Coupe, N.R., Li, L.H., Kljun, N., Faux, R., Yu, Q., and Huete, A., 2016. Productivity and evaporanspiration of two contrasting semiarid ecosystems following the 2011 global carbon land risk anomaly. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 220: 151-159.

12) Cleverly, J., Eamus, D., Restrepo-Coupe, N., Chen, C., Maes, W.H., Li, L.H., Faux, R., Santini, N.S., Rumman, R., Yu, Q., Huete, A., 2016. Soil moisture controls on phenology, productivity and evapotranspiration in a semi-arid critical zone. Science of the Total Environment. 568: 1227-1237.

13) Jin, N., Tao, B., Ren, W., Feng, M.C., Sun, R., He, L., Zhuang, W., Yu, Q.*, 2016. Mapping irrigated and rainfed wheat areas using multi-temporal satellite data. Remote Sensing, 8(3): 207.

14) Li, X.L., Joshua Philp, Roger Cremades, Anna Roberts, He, L., Li, L.H., Yu, Q.*, 2016. Agricultural vulnerability over the Chinese Loess Plateau in response to climate change: exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity. AMBIO. 45(3): 350-360.

15) Wang, B., Liu, D.L.*, Macadam, I., Alexander, L.V., Abramowitzc, G., Yu, Q., 2016. Multi-model ensemble projections of future extreme temperature change using a statistical downscaling method in south eastern Australia. Climatic Change. 138(1): 85-98.

16) He, L.*, Asseng, S., Wu, D.R., Yang, X.Y., Zhuang, W., Jin, N., and Yu, Q., 2015. Impacts of recent climate warming, cultivar changes, and crop management on winter wheat phenology across the Loess Plateau of China. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 200: 135-143.

17) Liu, J.D.*, Linderholm, H., Chen, D.L., Zhou, X.J., Flerchinger, G.N., Yu, Q., Du, J., Wu, D.R., Shen, Y.B., and Yang, Z.B., 2015. Changes in the relationship between solar radiation and sunshine duration in large cities of China. Energy, 82: 589-600.

18) Wang, B.*, Chen, C., Liu, D.L., Senthold Asseng, Yu, Q., and Yang, X.H., 2015. Effects of climate trend and variability on wheat yields variability in eastern Australia. Climate Research, 64(2): 173-186.

19) Wang, B.*, Liu, D.L., Senthold Asseng, Ian Macadam and Yu, Q., 2015. Impact of climate change on wheat flowering time in eastern Australia. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 209-210: 11-21.

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21) Chen, C.*, Eamus, D., Cleverly, J., Boulain, N., Cook, P., Zhang, L., Cheng, L., and Yu, Q., 2014. Modelling vegetation water-use and groundwater recharge as affected by climate variability in an arid-zone Acacia savanna woodland. Journal of Hydrology, 519: 1084-1096.

22) Chen, X., Su, Z., Ma, Y., Liu, S., Yu, Q., and Xu, Z., 2014. Development of a 10 year (2001–2010) 0.1° dataset of land-surface energy balance for mainland China. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 14, 13097-13117

23) Cheng, L., Zhang, L.*, Wang, Y.P., Yu, Q., and Eamus, D., 2014. Quantifying the effects of elevated CO2 on water budgets by combining FACE data with an ecohydrological model. Ecohydrology. 7(6): 1574-1588.

24) Cheng, L., Zhang, L.*, Wang, Y.P., Yu, Q., Eamus, D., and O'Grady, A., 2014. Impacts of elevated CO2, climate change and their interactions on water budgets in four different catchments in Australia. Journal of Hydrology. 519: 1350-1361.

25) Fang, Q.X., Ma, L.W.*, Flerchinger, G.N., Qi, Z., Ahuja, L.R., Xing, H.T., Li, J., and Yu, Q., 2014. Modelling evapotranspiration and energy balance in a wheat-maize cropping system using the revised RZ-SHAW model. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 195: 218-229.

26) He, L., Cleverly, J., Chen, C., Yang, X.Y., Li, J., Liu, W.Z., and Yu, Q.*, 2014. Diverse responses of winter wheat yield and water use to climate change and variability over the semi-arid Loess Plateau in China. Agronomy Journal. 106(4): 1169-1178.

27) Ma, X.L., Huete, A.*, Yu, Q., Restrepo-Coupe, N., Beringer, J., Hutley, L.B., Kanniah, K.D., Cleverly, J., and Eamus, D., 2014. Parameterization of an ecosystem light use-efficiency model for predicting savanna GPP using MODIS EVI. Remote Sensing of Environment, 154: 253-271.

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Major Research Projects:

1997-2000 Chinese Academy of Sciences ‘Hundreds of Talents Program’: ‘Mechanism and simulation model of crop productivity.’ ¥1,080,000.

1998-2003 Major project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: ’Spatial difference of crop-water relationship over northern China’. No. 49890330

2000-2003 Natural Science Foundation of China: ‘Impact of ground water on land surface processes and agroecology’. No. 40071008,¥200,000.

2002-2010 Major project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: ‘Eddy covariance flux observation, Principle Investigator of water and carbon cycles observation over farm land’. No. KZCX-SW-01-01B-12,¥1,800,000.

2003-2007 The State Key Fundamental Science Funds of China:‘Carbon exchange of farm land in the North China Plain: Observation and modeling’. No. 2002CB412501,¥150,000.

2004-2006 Natural Science Foundation of China, Cooperative foundation for overseas Chinese scientists: ‘Characteristics of turbulence transfer and carbon balance between plant and atmosphere’ (with Prof Xuhui Lee, Yale University) No. 40328001,¥400,000.

2005-2006 Sir Frederick McMaster Fellowship, CSIRO:‘Opportunities to use climate information to mitigate the impact of agriculture on the environment’, AU$80,000.

2005-2010 The State Key Fundamental Science Funds of China:’Ecophysiological mechanism of yield formation of major crops and water and fertilizer interactions’. No. 2005CB121106,¥500,000.

2005-2008 Chinese Academy of Sciences International Partnership Project ‘Human Activities and Ecosystem Changes’. No. CXTD-Z2005-1,¥2,000,000.

2007-2010 The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China:’Synthesis model of crop water process and yield production in North China Plain’. No. 2006AA10Z223,¥500,000.

2008-2010 The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China:’Analysis system of crop production and water use: development of GIS-Chinaagrosys’. No. 2008AA10Z215,¥440,000.

2009-2013 The State Key Fundamental Science Funds of China: ’Climate and agriculture in desert region: change in oasis, desertification, and mitigation to climate change’. No. 2009CB421307,¥500,000.

2009-2014 Australian-China Council: ‘Investment Framework for Environment Resource in North-Western China’. $20,000.

2012-2015 Natural Science Foundation of China: ‘Response of agricultural production to climate change and modeling’. No. 41171086, ¥650,000.

2012-2013 Natural Science Foundation of China, Cooperative foundation for overseas Chinese scientists: ‘Modelling crop water nitrogen interaction under the climate change and fluctuations’ (with Prof Liwang Ma, USDA-ARS). No. 41128001, ¥200,000.

2012-2016 The National Basic Research Program of China: ‘Effect of Global Change on Arid and Semi-Arid and Adaptation Strategies’. No. 2012CB955304, ¥7,000,000.

2012-2015 Discovery Project, Australian Research Council: ‘Australian Savanna Landscapes: Past, present and future’. $527,500.

2013      Australian-China Council: ‘Effects of Extreme Drought on Carbon and Hydrological Cycles of Terrestrial Ecosystems’. $47,850.

2013-2014 DIISRTE Joint Research Centre on River Basin Management, $850,000, in collaboration with University of Melbourne and CSIRO.

2014-2015 Open Fund of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ‘Quality of Chinese herbs under variable environment.’ ¥100,000.

2014-2017 Natural Science Foundation of China: ‘Experimental study of water transfer resistances in cropping systems and simulation of water use efficiency’. No. 41371119, ¥750,000.

2016-2021  ‘Thousand Talents Program’ ¥10,000,000.

Office Address:

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