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   QI Qingwen, male, born in 1963. Professor and Ph.D supervisor of Institute of Geographic Science And Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), Chinese Academy of Sciences; Profess of University of CAS; Director of Agriculture and Visualization Laboratory, Research Center on New Chinese Rural & Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Ph.D supervisor and guest professor of Shandong Science & Technology University; Vice chairman of National & Regional Atlas Commission, International Cartographic Association; Standing vice chairman of Cartographic & GIS Commission, Geographic Society of China; Council Member of Surveying & Mapping Society of China, and vice chairman of Cartographic & GIS Commission, Surveying & Mapping Society of China. Member of Theory & Methodology Committee of Chinese GIS Association; Member of Editorial Board of four journals as Progress in Geography, Science of Surveying and Mapping, Marine Surveying and Mapping, Geographical Environment of Yunnan.
Research Fields
(1) Map generalization in GIS environment
(2) Geo-Info-TUPU
(3) Intelligent & Integrated digital map system
(4) Geographic information analysis and application
Major Research Projects and Achievements
   Qi Qingwen presided more than 30 national, provincial and regional research projects in recent 10 years. He’s now presiding the project of Compilation of the Map Chorography in Recent Chinese Dynasties from the state ministry science and technology; the key project of Development of Precision Agriculture Decision Support and Visualized Coordinative Control System Based on GIS from Chinese Academy of Sciences; and the project of Research on Theory, Methods & Technology of the National Atlases of China in the New Century from IGSNRR.
   He earned the top class reward of Scientific & Technology Progress from Chinese Academy of Sciences on The National Economic Atlas of China, 1995 (Rank 13); top class reward of Scientific & Technology Progress from Chinese Academy of Sciences on The National Physical Atlas of China, 2000. He published over 100 academic papers, 7 books, and obtained a patent.
Representative Publications in recent five years
(1) Qi Qingwen, Zhang An, Jiang Lili, Zou Xiuping, Xu Li & Cheng Xi, Optimization of mathematical models for thematic maps, SCIENCE CHINA Technological Sciences, 2010, Vol.53 (suppl I): 15-24.
(2) Jiang Lili, Qi Qingwen*, Zhang An, Guo Chaohui & Cheng Xi, Improving the accuracy of image-based forest fire recognition and spatial positioning, SCIENCE CHINA Technological Sciences, 2010, Vol.53 (suppl I): 184-190.
(3) An Zhang, Qingwen Qi*, Lili Jiang, Fang Zhou, Jinfeng Wang. Population Exposure to PM2.5 in the Urban Area of Beijing. PLoS ONE, 2013, 8(5): e63486, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0063486
(4) Qi Qingwen, JIANG lili, ZHANG An, CHEN Yan, GUO Yingqi, Study on Theoretical System of Geographical Information Science Methdology, Surveying & Mapping Science, Vol.35(4):5-9,July 2010 (In Chinese).
(5) QI Qingwen, ZOU Xiuping, XU Li, PENG Hu, CHENG Xi, Study on Geographic Information Science Methodology Cases, Science of Surveying and Mapping, Vol.35(5):11-17,2010 (In Chinse).
(6) QI Qingwen, JIANG Lili, ZHANG An, Achievement and new application direction of Digital Maps, Geographic Information Science, Vol.13(6):727-734,2011 (in Chinese).
(7) Qi Qingwen, Liang Yajuan, Research and Development of Visualization-Analysis Oriented Digital Map Data Model, SPIE--Vol. 7143, Geo-informatics 2008 (EI),71433M.
(8) Qi Qingwen, Guo Qiao, Jiang Lili, Zhang An, Chen Zhaiwei, Xu Li, Ma Zhangbo, CNGI Based Resource & Environment Decisional Service System for Lancang-Meikong Sub-region Security, IGARSS 2008 (EI).
(9) CAI Yunlong, CHEN Yanguang, QUE Weimin, LIU Weidong, QI Qingwen, Geography: scientific position and social function, Science Press, 2012 (in Chinese).
(10)XIN Shaohua (chief editor), HONG Zhigang, SHI Xuemei, QI Qingwen, HUANG Xing (vice chief editor), Human Atlas of Western China, Xi’an Cartography Press, 2012 (in Chinese).
Doctor Recruitment Direction
  Academic Field: Cartography and GIS
  Direction: Digital Map, Geo-info-TUPU, Map Generalization
Mail Address:
No. A11, Road Datun, Anwai,
Beijing, P.R.China, 100101
Institute of Geographic Science And Natural Resources Research,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone: (8610) 64889078
Email: qiqw@igsnrr.ac.cn
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