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Name: LIU Gaohuan 
Current Appointment: Professor
1983-1986, Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, MSc., majored in remote sensing and geographic information system.
1979-1983, Wuhuan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping, B.A., majored in photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Areas of Specialization:
Delta ecology, ecological modeling, remote sensing
Academic Awards:National Science and Technology Progress award (1), Provincial Science and Technology Progress award (4).
Representative Publications:
1.Liu Gaohuan,Liu Qingsheng, Ye Qinghua, Chang Jun, Dynamic monitoring of landuase changes and coastal zone management, Resources Science, Vol.28, No.5, 2006
2.YE Qinghua,LIU Gaohuan,TIAN Guoliang,Geospatial-temporal analysis of land-use changes in the Yellow River Delta during the last 40 years,Science in China Ser. D Earth Sciences ,Vol.47,No.11,2004
3.Gaohuan Liu, Qiangguo Cai, Huiyi Zhu, Zhenghong Tang, Simulation of runoff and sediment flow in a catchment based on land-unit flow networks, IAHS Publ. 289, 2004
4.Ye Qinghua, Yang Qinye, Liu Gaohuan, A GIS based mapping method on distribution of critical ecological situation in China, The Journal of Chinese Geography, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2000
5.Guan Yuanxiu, Liu Gaohuan, Wang Jinfeng, Saline-alkali land in the Yellow River Delta:amelioration zonation based on GIS, Journal of Geographical Sciences, Vol.11, No.3, 2001
6.Liu Gaohuan, Zhu Huiyi, Watershed integrated management information system, Geographical Research, Vol.21, No. 1, 2002
7.Liu Gaohuan, Liu Junwei, GIS-based land-unit classification and flow network calculation, Progress in Geography, Vol. 21, No. 2, 2002
8.Liu Gaohuan, Zhu Huiyi, Landunit based integration method for soil erosion management information system, International Symposium on Soil Erosion Management, 2001, China
9.Liu Gaohuan, A GIS based management strategy of the Yellow River basin, River Restoration 2000, The Netherland, 2000
10.Liu Gaohuan, Sustainable development decision support system of the Yellow River delta, proceedings of International Workshop on Geo-informatics, Beijing, 1997
11.Liu Gaohuan, Hans Drost, Atlas of sustainable development in the Yellow River Delta, Surveying and Mapping Press, 1997
12.Liu Gaohuan, Li Jun, Geo-data sharing, Remote sensing information, vol.3, 1996
13.Liu Gaohuan, Strategies of geographic information system development in China, Geo-informatics, vol.2, 1996
14. Liu Gaohuan, B. Wu, Zhang Li, Bangladesh floodplain information system, Asian-Pacific journal on remote sensing, vol. 1, 1995
15.Zhang li, Liu Gaohuan, Mathematical simulation on unsteady flood flow based on GIS in 。Bangladesh floodplain, Asian-Pacific journal on remote sensing, vol.3, 1995
Major Research Projects:
(1) 2007-2009, ‘Research on spatial data model and integrated data analysis based on alterable grid system’, key project of Chinese Academy of Sciences, project director.
(2) 2005-2008, ‘Investigation of resources and environment in coast zone of China ’, a project founded by State Oceanic Administration People’s Republic of China, project director.
(3) 2004-2006, ‘Spatial data platform for western China’, a project founded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, project director. An integrated database was developed for western China for supporting research and management of western China, the data sets include landuse/landcover, soil, landform, vegetation, water system, and socio-economic data.
(4) 2002-2006, ‘Web-based platform for geo-data sharing network’, a national project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, sub-project director, in charge of design and development of database platform and data integration.
(5) 1999-2004, ‘Eco-environmental Change and its adjustment in western China’, a national 973 program, sub-project director. A geographic information system for simulation of interactions of mountain-oasis-desert was developed.
(6) 2002-2004, ‘Enhancing China’s Capacity for Carbon Sequestration’, a project funded by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), project manager in Chinese side, in charge of estimation of Net Primary Productive and ET of China’s forest ecosystem.
(7) 1997-2000, ‘China Resources and Environment Information System and Fast Reporting for Crop Growth’, CAS project, sub-project director, in charge of estimation of crop potential productive by the integration of GIS and remote sensing.
(8) 1996-2001, ‘Soil Erosion Management Geographic Information System-Outreach and Consolidate’, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) supported program, Main member, in charge of model integration and system interface, and the development of decision support system for the management of small watersheld in Loess Plateau.
(9) 1997-1999, ‘Development and Research on Resources and Environment Database of China’, CAS project, Project director. A national wide 1:4000,000 scale database was developed including 40 data layers such as elevation, landform, landuse, soil, vegetation, administration, river system, lakes, desert, forest, grass land, geology, climate data, agricultural statistics, transportation, and so on. The database is the first data set published and open to the world. The data standardization and normalization are also the objectives of the project.
(10) 1995-1997, Sustainable Development Information System of the Yellow River Delta, UNDP project, sub-project director. A regional information system in the Yellow River Delta was developed to support for the sustainable development planning and management.
(11) 1990-1994, Bangladesh Flood Plain Information System, UNDP/ESCAP project, project co-director. A flood management information system was developed for flood monitoring, flood losses estimation, and flood controlling. The system was transplanted to Space Research and Remote Sensing Ognization of Bangladesh in 1994.
Office Address:
Room 1331, Building No. 1
11A Da Tun Road
An Wai, Beijing 100101
People’s Republic of China
Fax: 86-10-6488-9630
Email: laugh@lreis.ac.cn

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