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Name: DAI Erfu

Current Appointment: Professor


1999-2002, Ph.D, physical geography, Department of the City and Environment, Peking University

1996-1999, ME, regional geography, Department of Geography, Capital Normal University

1992-1996, BE, Geography Education, Department of Geography, Northwest Normal University

Areas of Specialization:

Comprehensive study of physical Geography, Climate change and its Regional response, Land use change and Ecological effect Simulation

Society Appointments:

Director of Lhasa Plateau Ecological Comprehensive Experimental Station, IGSNRR, CAS

Director of Plateau Ecological Research Center,

Director of Youth Working Committee, CGS

Deputy Director of Natural disaster Research Center

Representative Publications:

1.   Dai, E., Wang, Y., Ma, L., Yin, L., & Wu, Z. (2018). ‘Urban-Rural’ Gradient Analysis of Landscape Changes around Cities in Mountainous Regions: A Case Study of the Hengduan Mountain Region in Southwest China. Sustainability, 10(4), 1019.

2.   Wang, Y., Dai, E., Yin, L., & Ma, L. (2018). Land use/land cover change and the effects on ecosystem services in the Hengduan Mountain region, China. Ecosystem Services, 34, 55-67.

3.   Dai, E., Zhu, J., Wang, X., & Xi, W. (2018). Multiple ecosystem services of monoculture and mixed plantations: A case study of the Huitong experimental forest of Southern China. Land Use Policy, 79, 717-724.

4.   Zhu, J., Dai, E., Zheng, D., & Wang, X. (2018). Characteristic of tradeoffs between timber production and carbon storage for plantation under harvesting impact: A case study of Huitong National Research Station of Forest Ecosystem. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 28(8), 1085-1098.

5.   Wu Zhuo, Dai Erfu, Ge Quansheng, Xi Weimin, Wang Xiaofan. Modelling the integrated effects of land use and climate change scenarios on forest ecosystem aboveground biomass, a case study in Taihe County of China. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 2017,27(2): 205-222.

6.   Dai, Erfu, Wang, Xiaoli, Zhu, Jianjia, et al. Quantifying ecosystem service trade-offs for plantation forest management to benefit provisioning and regulating services[J]. Ecology & Evolution, 2017, 7(19):7807-7821.

7.   Dai E, Wu Z, Du X. A gradient analysis on urban sprawl and urban landscape pattern between 1985 and 2000 in the Pearl River Delta, China[J]. Frontiers of Earth Science, 2017(2):1-17.

8.   Dai Erfu, Huang Yu, Wu Zhuo, Zhao Dongsheng. Analysis of spatio-temporal features of a carbon source/sink and its relationship to climatic factors in the Inner Mongolia grassland ecosystem. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 2016, 26(3): 297-312.

9.   Dai Erfu, Wu Zhuo, Ge Quansheng, Xi Weimin, Wang Xiaofan. Predicting the responses of forest distribution and aboveground biomass to climate change under RCP scenarios in southern China. Global change biology, 2016, 22(11): 3642-3661.

Major Research Projects:

1. Impact and Response to the Extreme Weather Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region of Central Asia (2018-2023), Strategic pilot science and technology project,CAS(Category A). Director

2. Impact and trade-off mechanism of vertical spatial heterogeneity of land on ecosystem services (2016-2019), Natural Science Foundation of China, Director

3. Spatial heterogeneity of land and Resources ecological effects (2015-2019), The National Research and Development Plan of the Key Foundation in China(973 Plan), Director

4. Study on the effect of climate change and forest management on the structure and function of forest ecosystem in the hilly area of red soil (2014-2017), National Natural Science Foundation of China, Director

Office Address:

Room 618, Building No. B, IGSNRR

11A Da Tun Road

An Wai, Beijing 100101

People’s Republic of China

Telephone: 86-10-6488-9051

Fax: 86-10-6488-9051

Email: daief@igsnrr.ac.cn 

Updated on July 19, 2019

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