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Name:Dong Chen, Ph.D., P.E. 

Current Appointment: Professor 

Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research  

Chinese Academy of Sciences  

No. 11A, Datun Road, Chaoyang District  

Tel: (86-10) 64889766 

Beijing 100101, China 

Email: dchen@igsnrr.ac.cn 


Ph.D. in Hydrologic Science, University of Nevada, Reno, 2005 

M.S. in hydraulics and river dynamics, China Institute of Water Resource and Hydropower Research (IWHR), 1997 

B.S. in hydraulics and river dynamics, Wuhan University, 1994 

Areas of Specialization 

River dynamics; Sediment transport 

Society Appointments 

Member of ASCE, AGU, Gilbert Geomorphology Club, Editorial board member of Journal of Arid Land, Reviewer of National Science Foundation, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Hydrology Research, Water Resources Research 

Representative Publications 

Zhang, Y., D. Chen*, R. Garrard, H. Sun, and Y. Lu. (2016). Influence of bed clusters and size gradation on operational time distribution for non-uniform bed-load transport. Hydrological Processes, 30, 3030-3045. 

Li, F., D. Chen*, Q. Tang, W. Li, and X. Zhang. (2016). Hydrological response of East China to the variation of East Asian Summer Monsoon. Advances in Meteorology, vol. 2016, doi: 10.1155/2016/4038703. 

Gu, L., S. Zhang, L. He, D. Chen, K. Blanckaert, W. Ottevanger, Y. Zhang. (2016). Modeling flow pattern and evolution of meandering channels with a nonlinear model. Water, 8(418), doi:10.3390/w8100418.  

Sun, H., D. Chen*, Y. Zhang, L. Chen. (2015). Understanding partial bed-load transport: experiments and stochastic model analysis. Journal of Hydrology, 521, 196-204. 

Tang, C., D. Chen*, B.T. Crosby, T.C. Piechota, and J.M. Wheaton. (2014). Is the PDO or AMO the climate driver of soil moisture in the Salmon River Basin, Idaho? Global and Planetary Change, 120, 16-23.  

Zhang, Y., R.L. Martin, D. Chen, B. Baeumer, H. Sun, and L. Chen. (2014). A subordinated advection model for uniform bed load transport from local to regional scales. Journal of Geophysical Research, Earth Surface, 119, 2711-2729. 

Chen, D., H. Sun, Y. Zhang. (2013). Fractional Dispersion Equation for Sediment Suspension, Journal of Hydrology, 491, 13-22. 

Chen, D., C. Tang (2012). Evaluating secondary flows in the evolution of sine-generated meanders. Geomorphology, 163-164, 37-44.  

Tang, C., D. Chen, and T. C. Piechota. (2011). Relationships between soil moisture and oceanic-atmospheric patterns and soil moisture in the upper Colorado River Basin, J.Hydrol., 411, 77-90. 

Chen, D., S. Gerstenberger, S. Mueting , and D. Wong (2011). Environmental factors affecting settlement of quagga mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis) veligers in Lake Mead, Nevada-Arizona, USA. Aquatic Invasions, 6(2), 149-156, doi: 10.3391/ai/2011.6.2.04 

Chen, D. (2011). Modeling Channel Response to instream gravel mining, Sediment Transport - Flow and Morphological Processes, ABM FarukBhuiyan (Ed.), ISBN 978-953-307-374-3, InTech 

Chen, D., and L. Chen (2011). Coupling Watershed Erosion Model with Instream Hydrodynamic-Sediment Transport Model: An Example of Middle Rio Grande, Sediment Transport in Aquatic Environments, Andrew J. Manning (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-586-0, InTech 

Li Y, K. Acharya, D. Chen, and M. Stone (2010) Modeling water ages and thermal structure of Lake Mead under changing water levels.LakeReserv.Manage.,26 (4), 258 

Chen, D., K. Acharya, M. Stone (2010). Sensitivity analysis of non-equilibrium adaptation parameters for modeling mining-pit migration.J. Hydraul. Eng., ASCE, 136(10), 806-811 

Chen, D., J, Duan (2008). Case study: numerical simulation of channel migration process of the West Jordan River, Utah. J. Hydraul. Eng., ASCE. 134(3), 315-327. 

Chen, D., J, Duan. (2006). Modeling Width Adjustment in Meandering Channels.J.  Hydrol., 321, 59–76. 

Chen, D., J, Duan. (2006). Simulating Meandering Channel Evolution with an Analytical Model. J. Hydraul. Res., 44(3), 363–373. 

Major Research Projects 

2010-2011, PI, “Three-Dimensional hydrodynamic and eutrophication modeling in Lake Mead under changing water levels using EFDC-3D”, funded by USGS   

2008-2010, PI, “Assessing channel stability analysis using SIAM”, funded by USACE 

2008-2010, PI, “Modeling Riverbed subjected to deep gravel mining”, funded by USACE 

2008-2010, PI, “Impact of Tributary watershed sediment yield on main stream morphology in Middle Rio Grande”, funded by USACE 

2006- 2007, PI, “Source & transport of suspended sediment in Las Vegas Wash”, USACE 

2006-2007, PI, “Equipment house design”, Nevada Higher Education System 

2006-2007, co-PI, Two-dimensional sediment transport modeling in Rio Salado River using CCHE2D”, funded by USACE 

2006-2007, co-PI, “Two-dimensional sediment transport modeling in Rio Grande River using CCHE2D”, funded by USACE 

2006-2007, co-PI, “3D modeling on Lake Mead Hydrodynamic under changing water levels”, funded by Nevada Water Resources Research Inst. 

Updated on Oct.9, 2016

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