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Name: LI Fadong

Current Appointment: Professor


Sep. 2002 - Jun. 2005: PhD, Physical Geography (Hydrology), Graduate School of CAS & Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), CAS (Beijing)

Sep. 1999 - Jul. 2002: MSc., Hydro-Ecology, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) (Beijing) & Shijiazhuang Institute of Agricultural Modernization, CAS (Shijiazhuang)

Sep. 1992 - Jul. 1996: BSc., Department of Agrometeorology, China Agricultural University (Beijing)

Areas of Specialization:

Agro-ecosystem processes

Agriculture, Ecosystem, and Environment

Eco-hydrology and water environment

Isotopic hydrology

Surface-ground water interaction

Academic Awards

100-telant of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Society Appointments:

Professor at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Editor board member of journals: Resources Science, Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture, Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment, South to North Water Transfers and Water Science & Technology

Representative Publications:

1.        Zhao X , Li F , Ai Z , et al. Stable isotope evidences for identifying crop water uptake in a typical winter wheat–summer maize rotation field in the North China Plain[J]. Science of the Total Environment, 2018, 618:121-131.

2.        Yanhong L I , Zhao M , Fadong L I . Soil respiration in typical plant communities in the wetland surrounding the high-salinity Ebinur Lake[J]. Frontiers of Earth Science, 2018, 12(3).

3.        Yan Z , Peng S , Fadong L , et al. Quantification of nitrate sources and fates in rivers in an irrigated agricultural area using environmental isotopes and a Bayesian isotope mixing model[J]. Chemosphere, 2018:S004565351831021X-.

4.        J Li, F Li, Q Liu. PAHs behavior in surface water and groundwater of the Yellow River estuary: Evidence from isotopes and hydrochemistry. Chemosphere, 2017, 178, 143-153

5.        L Guo, Z Sun, Z Ouyang, D Han, F Li. A comparison of soil quality evaluation methods for Fluvisol along the lower Yellow River. CATENA, 2017, 152, 135-143

6.        C Tu, F Li. Responses of greenhouse gas fluxes to experimental warming in wheat season under conventional tillage and no-tillage fields. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2017, 54, 314-327

7.        J Li, F Li. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the Yellow River estuary: Levels, sources and toxic potency assessment. Marine pollution bulletin, 2017, 116 (1), 479-487

8.        X Zhao, F Li. Isotope evidence for quantifying river evaporation and recharge processes in the lower reaches of the Yellow River. Environmental Earth Sciences, 2017, 76 (3), 123

9.        Zhao Xin, Li Fadong*, Wanjun Zhang, Ai Zhipin, Shen Huitao, Liu Xiuping, Cao Jiansheng, Manevski Kiril. Soil respiration at different stand ages (5, 10, and 20/30 years) in coniferous (Pinus tabulaeformis Carrière) and deciduous (Populus davidiana Dode) plantations in a sandstorm source area. Forests. 2016, 13(6): 1000-1012.

10.    Zhao Xin, Li Fadong*, Wanjun Zhang, Ai Zhipin. Contribution of aboveground litter to soil respiration in Populus davidiana Dode plantations at different stand ages. Journal of Mountain Science. 2016, 153(7).

11.    Tu Chun, Li Fadong*, Qiao Yunfeng, Zhu Nong, Gu Congke, Zhao Xin. Effect of experimental warming on soil respiration under conventional tillage and no-tillage farmland in the North China Plain. Journal of Integrative Agriculture. 2016, 15(1): 60345-7.

12.    Liu Qiang, Li Fadong*, Li Jing, Luo Bin, Huang Chong. Geochemical and isotopic evidence of shallow groundwater salinization in a reclaimed coastal zone: the Yellow River Delta, China. Environmental Earth Sciences. 2016, 75:1107.

13.    Li Jing, Chen Chunli, Li Fadong*. Status of POPs accumulation in the Yellow River Delta: From distribution to risk assessment. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 2016, 107: 370-378.

Major Research Projects:

1.    Spatio-temporal Pattern of East African Agro-Ecosystems and its Impact on Food Security, A Case Study of Ethiopia. Funded by NSFC, 450k US Dollar, No. 41761144053, duration: 2018-01-01 to 2022-12-31

2.    Finding the temporal-spatial variation of heavy metals in the main farmland in China and identifying the key polluted areas. Funded by MOST of China. 640k US Dollar, No. 2016YFD0800301, duration: 2016-01-01 to 2020-12-31

3.    Stability of soil organic carbon identified by the carbon isotope-13 observation in situ. Funded by NSFC, 110k US Dollar, No. 41771292, duration: 2018-01-01 to 2021-12-31

Office Address:

Room _3521_ Building No. B IGSNRR

11A Da Tun Road

An Wai, Beijing 100101

People’s Republic of China

Telephone: 86-10-6488-9530

Fax: 86-10-6488-9530

Email: lifadong@igsnrr.ac.cn

Updated on Feb. 15, 2019

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