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WU Lanfang, Ph.D., Professor, Center of Agro-ecosystem Research, Key Laboratory of Ecosystem Network Observation and Modeling

She got the B.S. and M.S. in agronomy from Inner Mongolia College of Agronomy and Husbandry in 1985 & 1988, and got the Ph.D. in agronomy from China Agriculture University in 2001.

She has conducted over 10 scientific research projects, including National Science & Technology Support Program of China, National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China, General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Major Agriculture Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences. She has published 70 papers and 1 book, and has held 5 authorized invention patents.

Areas of expertise and research interests:

effects of agricultural management on soil organic carbon


Cropping systems

Crops physiology

sustainable crop production

efficient use of agricultural resources

farming system design on sustainable agriculture

Selected Publications

Lan-Fang Wu*, Bin-bin Li, Yue Qin & Ed Gregorich. Soil CO2 emission and carbon budget of a wheat/maize annual double-cropped system in response to tillage and residue management in the North China Plain. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, 2017,15(3):253-263.

Qingyan Qiu, Lanfang Wu*, Zhu Ouyang,, Binbin Li, Yanyan Xu, Effects of different forms of plant-derived organic matter on nitrous oxide emissions. Environmental Science processes & Impacts, 2016, 18: 854-862.

Qingyan Qiu, Lanfang Wu*, Zhu Ouyang, Binbin Li, Yanyan Xu, Different effects of plant-derived dissolved organic matter (DOM) and urea on the priming of soil organic carbon. Environmental Science Processes & Impacts, 2016, 18: 330-341.

Qingyan Qiu, Lanfang Wu*, Zhu Ouyang, Binbin Li, Yanyan Xu, Shanshan Wu, E.G. Gregorich. Priming effect of maize residue and urea N on soil organic matter changes with time. Applied Soil Ecology,2016,100:65-74.

Qingyan Qiu, Lanfang Wu*, Zhu Ouyang, Binbin Li, Yanyan Xu, Shanshan Wu, E.G. Gregorich,Effects of plant derived dissolved organic matter (DOM) on soil CO2 and N2O emissions and soil carbon and nitrogen sequestrations. Applied Soil Ecology,2015,96:122-130.

Xu Yanyan, Wu lanfang*, Li Binbin, Qiu Qinyan, Qin Yue. Soil N2O emission and its agronomic efficiency under different tillage. Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture, 2015,23(11): 1349-1368.

Qin Yue, Li Binbin, Wu Lanfang*. Dynamics and interrelationship of CO2 emissions and dissolved organic carbon in soils with crop residue retention under different tillage practices. Journal of Agro-Environmental Science, 2014, 33(7):1442-1449.

Wu Lanfang*, Bai Linchuan, Ouyang Zhu, Wang Chunjing. Potential grain output and technology approaches in the plain around the Bohai Sea in Shandong province. Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture, 2014, 22(6): 682-689.

Wu Lanfang*, Ouyang Zhu. Effects of row spacing and seeding rate on radiation use efficiency and grain yield of wheat. Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture, 2014, 22(1):31-36.

Bai Linchuan, Wu Lanfang*, Song Xiaoqing. Spatial difference of grain yield changes during 1995-2010 and balanced potential output increase in Shandong province. Progress in Geography, 2013, 32(8):1257-1265.

Wu Lanfang*, Ouyang Zhu, Xie Xiaoli. Nitrogen and phosphorus balance of cropland at regional scale for integrated crop-livestock farming system in two different areas. Journal of Natural Resources, 2011, 26(6): 943-954.


Room 3210 , Building 3
11A Datun Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100101, People’s Republic of China
Telephone: 86-10-6488-9029
Fax: 86-10- 6485-4230
Email: wulf@igsnrr.ac.cn

Updated on Sept.8, 2017

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