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Name: Yansui Liu 

Profession: Land Use and Rural Geography Specialist 

Current Appointment: Professor 

Prof. Yansui Liu, born in 1965 in Suide County, Shaanxi Province, is professor and PhD supervisor, and director of the Centre for Regional Agriculture and Rural Development (CRARD,www.rard.org), executive director of the Research Centre for Land Use Planning (CLUP) at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Yangtze River Scholar Distinguished Professor (2012). 

Society Appointments: 

He currently serves as Director-general, China Urban-Rural Development Think Tank Alliance (CURTA, www.curta.org.cn), Vice-director general, the Agricultural Resource and Zoning Society of China, the chair of the Subcommission on Land Resources Research, Chinese Society for Natural Resources (CSNR), the chair of the Subcommission on Agricultural Geography and Rural Development, Geographical Society of China (GSC), and an adjunct professor in the Land Use Key Laboratory of Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR), Graduate School of CAS, and Shaanxi Normal University. He is one of the associate chief editors of the journal Areal Research and Development, and a member of the editorial board of Chinese Geographical Sciences, Journal of Mountain Sciences, Resources Science, Progress in Geography, and Human Geography. 


Prof. Yansui Liu graduated from the Geography Department of Shaanxi Normal University with a BSc in 1989, an MSc in 1995, and received his PhD degree from the Nanjing Normal University in 1998. He completed his postdoctoral research at IGSNRR in 2000. He also carried out research at Montana State University and the University of Auckland as a visiting scholar in 2001 and 2003, respectively. 

Areas of Specialization: 

Prof. Yansui Liu is a geographer and his major areas of research are land use, land resources security, land consolidation engineering and optimal allocation of land use, regional agriculture and rural development, urbanization and new countryside construction. So far he as the principal investigator has undertaken 70 research projects sponsored by NSFC, CAS, MLR, MAC and the Ministry of Science and Technology. 

Academic Awards 

He has received eight awards, including five first prize of Sciences and Technology Advancement Award of Hainan Province in 2009, Shaanxi Province in 2006,2011,2014, Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) in 2013, and three second prize of MLR in 2015,Yunnan Province in 2009, Shaanxi Province in 2004. He was a recipient of the countrywide outstanding scientists and technologists in 2012, first prize on academy-local government cooperative award, CAS in 2011, outstanding science and technology achievement Award, CAS in 2009, the young agronomic technology award of CAASS in 2004, the young science and technology researcher award of CSNR in 2003, the young geographical sciences technology award of GSC, the best PhD dissertation award of Jiangsu Province in 1999. 

Major Research Projects: 

  1.       Major projects of the National Social Science Foundation: The Influence of Urbanization on the Agriculture and Rural Development and its Countermeasures in China15ZDA021 

  2.       General Office of the CPC Central Committee: The Key Research Project on the Land Use System Reform of Rural China [2014] 

  3.       General Office of the State Council: Third-part Assessment Project of State Council “Implementation of Taking the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Policy”[2015] 

  4.       The Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: The Impact of Rural-Urban Development Transformation on Resources and its Optimal Controlling: Case Study of the Bohai Rim Region in China (No.41130748) [2012-2016] 

  5.       The Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Urbanization Models and Policies in Agricultural Region of China [2012-2014] 

  6.       The Twelfth Five Year National Science and Technology Support Project: Key Technology Research and Demonstration of Hollowed Village Comprehensive Consolidation (2014BAL01B00) 

  7.       The Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Key Issues of Rural Hollowing in the Process of Rapid Urbanization (KZCX2-EW-304) [2010-2013] 

  8.       The Key Engineering Projects of Land Consolidation in Yanan Shaanxi Supported by Central Government[2012-2013] 

  9.       The Key Engineering Projects of High-Standard Farmland Construction in Weihe Basin of Shaanxi Supported by Central Government[2011-2012]  

  10.    The Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China:Research on the New Countryside Construction Patterns and Approach to Sustainable Developoment in Eastern Coastal Areas in China (No.40635029) [2007-2010] 

  11.    The Key Knowledge Innovation Project of Chinese Academic of Sciences: The Rural Land-Use Potential and Its Optimal Allocation Planning in Shandong Province (No. KSCX-YW-09) [2008-2010] 

  12.    The Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: The Impact Mechanism of Resources Great Exploitation on Land Degradation and Optimal Control Ways in Agro-pasture Transitional Zone(No.40871257) [2009-2011] 

  13.    The National Basic Research Program of China: The Acidifications in Northern China and its Impacting on Water, Land and Food Security (No.2006CB400505) [2006-2009] 

  14.    The key Project of Ministry of Land and Resources: Land Use Strategy in China [2006-2008] 

  15.    The Knowledge Innovation Project of Chinese Academic of Sciences: A Study of Land-Water Resources Utilization and Agro-Rural Development in Middle Region of China (No. KZCX3-SW-353-02) [2006-2007] 

  16.    The Key Knowledge Innovation Project of Chinese Academic of Sciences: Agricultural Land-Water Resources Optimal Allocation in Northeastern China (No. KZCX1-SW-19-01) [2002-2006] 

  17.    The key Project of Ministry of Land and Resources: The Mechanism of Land Use Changes and Its Scenario Analysis in China (No.20010102) [2002-2005]  

  18.    The Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Studies on the Types Conversion and Optimal Allocation of Land Resources in the Southeast Coastal Developed Regions (No.40171007) [2002-2004] 

  19.    The Specialized Research of Planning Updating of Ministry of Land and Resources: A Study on the Land Use Strategies of China. [2006-2007]  

  20.    People's Government of Hainan Province: Land Use General Planning of Hainan Province (2006-2020) [2005-2008] 

Representative Publications: 

Prof. Yansui Liu has published more than 380 scientific papers, ninety of which have appeared in SCI, SSCI journals like Nature, Land Use Policy, Journal of Rural Studies, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Environmental Management, Journal of Environmental Management, Applied Geography and Pedosphere. His other publications include twelve books. The selected publications are as follows. 

  1.       Liu Yansui, Li Yuheng, Chen Cong. Pollution: Build on success in China. Nature, 2015,517(7533):145-145. doi:10.1038/517145d 

  2.       Liu Yansui, Li Yuheng. China’s land creation project stands firm. Nature, 2014,511(7510): 410-410. doi:10.1038/511410c 

  3.       Bai Xuemei, Shi Peijun, Liu Yansui. Realizing China’s urban dream. Nature, 2014, 509 (7499): 158-160. doi:10.1038/509158a 

  4.       Liu Yansui, Yan Bin, Zhou Yang. Urbanization, economic growth, and carbon dioxide emissions in China: a panel cointegration and causality analysis. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 2016, 26(2): 131-152. 

  5.       Liu Yansui, Zhou Yang, Wu Wenxiang. Assessing the impact of population, income and technology on energy consumption and industrial pollutant emissions in China. Applied Energy, 2015, 155: 904-917. 

  6.       Liu Yansui, Guo Yanjun, Li Yurui, Li Yuheng. GIS-based effect assessment of soil erosion before and after gully land consolidation: A case study of Wangjiagou project region, Loess Plateau. Chinese Geographical Science, 2015, 25(2): 137-146. 

  7.       Liu Yansui, Chen Cong, Li Yurui. Differentiation regularity of urban-rural equalized development at prefecture-level city in China. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 2015, 25(9): 1075-1088. 

  8.       Wang Guogang, Liu Yansui, Li Yurui, et al. Dynamic trends and driving forces of land use intensification of cultivated land in China. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 2015, 25(1): 45-57. 

  9.       Zhou Yang, Liu Yansui, Wu Wenxiang, Li Yurui. Effects of rural-urban development transformation on energy consumption and CO2 emissions: A regional analysis in China. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2015, 52: 863-875. 

  10.    Li Yuheng, Li Yurui, Hans Westlund, Liu Yansui. Urban-rural transformation in relation to cultivated land conversion in China: Implications for optimizing land use and balanced regional development. Land Use Policy, 2015, 47: 218-224. 

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  13.    Long Hualou, Liu Yansui. A brief background to rural restructuring in China: A forthcoming special issue of Journal of Rural Studies. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 2015, 25(10): 1279-1280. 

  14.    Li Yuheng, Zhang Zhenghe, Westlund, Hans, Liu Yansui. Rural Household Income in Transitional China: Spatio-Temporal Disparity and Its Interpretation. China-An International Journal, 2015, 13(2): 151-168. 

  15.    Zhou Yang, Liu Yansui, Wu Wenxiang, Li Ning. Integrated risk assessment of multi-hazards in China. Natural Hazards, 2015, 78(1): 257-280. 

  16.    Han Jichang, Liu Yansui, Zhang Yang. Sand stabilization effect of feldspathic sandstone during the fallow period in Mu Us Sandy Land. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 2015, 25(4): 428-436. 

  17.    Hu Shougeng, Tong Luyi, Frazier Amy E, Liu Yansui. Urban boundary extraction and sprawl analysis using Landsat images: A case study in Wuhan, China. Habitat International, 2015, 47: 183-195. 

  18.    Li Yuheng, Wang Xun, Westlund Hans, Liu Yansui. Physical Capital, Human Capital, and Social Capital: The Changing Roles in China's Economic Growth. Growth and Change, 2015, 46(1): 133-149. 

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  28.    Liu Yansui, Zhang Yanyu, Guo Liying. Towards realistic assessment of cultivated land quality in an ecologically fragile environment: A satellite imagery-based approach. Applied Geography, 2010, 30(2): 271-281. 

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  International Academic Exchange 

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