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Prof. CHENG Shengkui, PH.D
Current Appointment: resources and ecological scientist, deputy director of Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), CAS.
He graduated in 1985 from the Northwestern Agricultural and Forest Sciences and Technology University and obtained his bachelor and master degree respectively, and graduated in 1990 from China Agricultural University and achieved his PH.D. He studied as a visiting scholar in the Institute for Applied research of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Desert in Israel for one year in 1995.
Research Interests:
Resources ecology, agronomy, mainly focuses on assessment of sustainable utilization of natural resources and environmental impact, and regional development and planning.
Current Projects:
1. Integrated field survey of Lancang river reaches, the key project of basically scientific  
program supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology in China. 2008---2013
2. Resources capacity of natural disasters in China, Ministry of sciences and Technology in China, 2008-2011
3. Planning of Scientific and Technologic Development in Tibet Autonomous Region, nominated by the Bureau of Sciences and Technology of Tibet Autonomous Region,2000-2001
Professional Societies and Organizations:
1. Member, Academic Committee of Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGSNRR, CAS).
2. Board member of Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies.
3. Standing director of China Society of Natural Resources.
4. Vice director of the China Society on Tibet Plateau.
5. Board member of Resources Center of Urban Agriculture and Food Security Foundation (RUAF).
6. Member of Chinese National Committee for the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (CNC-IHDP).
7. Director of Center for Research and Plan on Tourism, IGSNRR, CAS.
8. Member of China Committee of Sustainable Agricultural Development.
9. Chief Editor of Resources Science, and vice chief editors of Journal of Natural Resources Science and Journal of Resources and Ecology( in English version)
Honors and Award:
?Young scientific and Technologic reward by the China Society on Tibet Plateau
Works and Papers Selected:
1. The Report of China Natural Resources, China Commercial  Press.2002
2. Land Resources and its Sustainable Development,China Sciences and Technology Press, 2006.
3. China Encyclopedia of Resources Sciences,deputed editor of the volume“resource ecology”,China Encyclopedia Press and petroleum Press,2000。
4. Strategy Research on Science and Technology Development in Tibet Autonomous Region,China Scientific and Technologic Press,2007
5. Outline of natural resources in agriculture, China Sciences and Technology Press, 1997.
6. Sustainable development of agriculture in China,(in)Natural Resources Journal, Vol.12,No.1, 1997(1).
7. Development of agricultural modernization in China,(in)Natural Resources,1994(3).
8. Approaches to theoretic issues in integrated planning of regional agriculture development,(in) Natural Resources, 1997(2).
9. Prospects for and Obstacles to Making Development Sustainable in China.
10. Proceedings of Regional workshop on Sustainable Development in East Asia, Tokyo, Japan, 1996
11. The effect of compensation of soil temperature on atmospheric temperature in corn field of Tibet, (in)The Digests of Scientific and Technologic Journals,1997(9).
12. Theoretical Issues on Resources Science,(in)Natural Resources,1998(1)
13. Dynamics of population resource in Israel,(in)Natural Resources,1997(1).
14. Ecological Theory in the Process of Development---Outline of Developing Ecology,(in) Proceedings of the International Conference on Natural Resources Management and Conservation in Chinese Tropical and Subtropical Region, China Science and Technology Press, Beijing, 1993.
15. Approaches to dynamic relationship among population, resources, environment and development in Tibetan Plateau, (in) journal of natural resources, Vol.15 No.4, pp297-304, Oct. 2000.
16. Footprint: the new indicators for measuring sustainable development, (in) journal of natural resources, Vol.15 No.4, pp375-382, Oct. 2001.
17. Initial approaches to indicator system of sustainable development in Tibetan Plateau, (in) resources science, Vol.22 No.4, 2000.pp:30-37
18. The key issues of railway building in Tibetan Plateau, (in) resources science, Vol.22 No.4, 2000.pp:38-43
19. Productive use of bioenergy for rural household in ecological fragile area, Panam County, Tibet in China: the case of the residential biogas model, (in) Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review. 2009
20. Arable land requirements based on food consumption patterns: case study in rural Guyuan District, Western China, Ecological Economics 2009
Office Address:
11A Da Tun Road
An Wai, Beijing, 100101
People's Republic of China
Phone: 86-10-64889797
E-mail: chengsk@igsnrr.ac.cn
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